In early 1983, PROTOOL Engineering Enterprises Private Limited was incorporated as a company, specializing in the supply of Limit Gauges, Precision Measuring Tools and Dimensional Metrology Equipment. The company supplied to and dealt with major engineering sectors in Singapore’s growing industrial market, namely: Military and Ordnance, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and computer related sectors, OEM and other metal related engineering works.

Within the first quarter of 1985, the company ventured into the sub-contracting business by setting up a machine factory to provide engineering services for the machining of metal parts, catering largely to multi-national organizations based in regional markets.

PROTOOL quickly became a leading supplier of Precision limit gauges in the local and neighboring marketplace.

Having established its own production and manufacturing company in 1993 (with 10 years of experience in the industry) then and still known as PROGAGE Precision Engineering Private Limited, the company began manufacturing it’s own line of Plain and Threaded Limit Gauges.

Two years later in 1995 a fully accredited Singlas laboratory was installed. This was in conjunction with the company’s efforts, to offer its customers credited calibration references for assurance and continuous improvement in Product and Service Quality.

Also in the early 90s, PROTOOL ventured into the Metrology market and commenced it’s offering of equipment for digitized, high precision Torque and Force measurement. Having partnered with major players in this field, the company now boasts close to 20 years of experience in Force and Torque technology.

Shortly after its diversification into the Metrology market, PROTOOL globalized and expanded the group to several key regions in South-East Asia and China. This saw the inception of central trading houses in Kuala Lumpur, Penang. Thailand and Shanghai.

Since her incorporation into the marketplace 27 years ago, PROTOOL prides countless numbers of successful dealings paired with approvals from numerous satisfied customers, thanks in no small part to their continued patronage and valued support.

With a growing workforce of 82 employees, and its customer base spread across 8 countries, PROTOOL Engineering Enterprises has today, established a vital and long-standing position in the supply of Precision Tooling and Gauging components to major engineering and industrial sectors throughout South-East Asia and China.