Bevel Gauge

Barcor Inc. Bevel Gauge It measures the amplitude of bevels and negatives directly and corner radii.

Accuracy Guaranteed to be within ± .001″ through out entire range.

Instantly read the width of chamfers and bevels on straight and circular edges… direct to 0.001″

Because the gage operates against independent springs, operator feel and judgement is greatly reduced or eliminated.

For straight edge measurement, no master is necessary. For curved pieces

Specification Barcor Inc
250-M0-8 mm0.01 mm
250-SPC0-0.250″ / 0-8 mm0.002″ / 0.005 mm
1120-M0-13 mm0.01 mm
1120-SPC0-0.500″ / 0-13 mm0.0002″ / 0.005 mm