Thimble Type



Center Distance


• Center distance 300 mm
• Center distance: 200-4000mm


• Center distance 300 mm
• V-Block & Thimble
• V-block parts range: 4~22mm


• Center distance 300 mm
• Thrimble V-Block & Roller
• V-block parts range: 4~22mm
• Roller Parts range: 5~100mm


• Center distance 300 mm
• Part range: 5 – 100 mm


Standard Type



Axial Type

MT526Y Axial Type

• Y axial type
• Y axial w/slide table

MT526Z1 Axial Type

• Y.Z axial type
• Y axial w/slide table
• Z axial w/Z1 adjust device

MT526Z2 Axial Type

• Y.Z axial type
• Y axial w/slide table
• Z axial w/Z2 adjust device

MT526Z3 Axial Type

• Y.Z axial type
• Y axial w/slide table
• Z axial w/Z3 micro device
• Y axial slide travel:
• 74mm—General precision–standard equipment 104 mm、124 mm— Precision grade—customer optional
• Y axial slide parallelism:
• General precision 0.02 mm– standard equipment High precision 0.005 mm– customer optional


Linear Slide Type

MT1S526 Linear Mono-slide Type
MT1S526Y Linear Mono-slide Type
MT2S526Y Linear Dual-slide Type
MT2S526YS Linear Dual-slide Type
MT2S526Z1S Linear Dual-slide Type
MT2S526Z2S  Linear Dual-slide Type

Mono-slide moving accuracy:
Accruacy (A): 330mm /0.02mm, only for easy mobility measurements.
Accruacy (B): 330mm /0.01mm ↓—customer optional.
Dual-slide moving accruacy: Flatness and travel accruacy: 1000mm/0.01mm


** Center height 200,300 can be used with MT4C25 —-Customer optional.
** Dial gauge is not included.
** Center distance over 400 to 1,000 can be used with Center Height 200 or 300, but using 200 center height must reduce its center distance 80 and 300 Center height reduce 200, due to different center height will also have the different length of tailstock.
** Slide type Center distance maximum 1000 mm.
** Use Z1 & Z2 axial its center height at least 130mm