Digital Thread Dept Gauge DSG-Di / DSG-DiR
Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-Di / DSG-DiR

DSG-Tdi and DSG-DiR are digital tread depth gauges use for checking thread holes, measuring the depth of the thread together. It is main use for judgment in pass or fail inspection.The measured result is display with a resolution of 0.01 mm.

The digital display is design in a way that it will always be facing the user of the device. This makes the instrument comfortable to use.

Further, the large display enables ease of viewing, The main difference between the DSG-DiR is that it comes with a ratchet function

The measured data can be transfer into a computer via a dedicated proximity USB cable and software.

  • Instrument automatically goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes of no use
  • Digital display has an IP67 rating which make it waterproof
  • The No-Go gauge is attach on the side of the rotary handle.
Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-Di

The digital thread depth gauge DSG-Di is used screwing the Go thread gauge with the rotary handle to inspect the pitch diameter as well as to measure the effective depth of the threaded hole in one measuring operation. The depth can be read on the digital display.

Digital Thread Depth Gauge DSG-DiR

DSG-DiR digital thread depth gauge comes with a ratchet. This benefits the user by screwing the thread gauge with a constant torque. It helps to prevent possible variations in the reading of the depth measurement and thread inspection result.