ISO Metric Thread Plug TPGM01


ISO metric screw threads are the world-wide most commonly used type of general-purpose screwthread. A wide range of GO / NO-GO fixed gauges are available for checking inside and outside threaded diameters, so as to ensure accuracy during the machining process. This ensures a “snug” fit between threaded components, which in turn phases out the loosening of screw-fastened joints in your final work piece

Standard tolerance

Plug 6H

What Thread Plug Checks?
  • A thread plug GO gage checks the minimum major diameter the minimum pitch diameter size in a part.
  • A thread plug NO-GO gage checks for the hole not to exceed the maximum pitch diameter size in a part.
Made of
  • Tempered oil hardened Tool Steel.
  • Thread tolerance class: 4、5、6、7、8.
  • Thread tolerance internal thread  G, H