OD/BMD Plug Gauges

OD/BMD Plug Gauges for the series control of bores with Ø 1,6 to 800 mm. Measuring sleeve OD is manufacture individually to suit the bore with the corresponding tolerance. The deviation of the measuring travel is via a precisely manufacture wedge needle out of tungsten carbide.

The three basic designs are for standard bores, blind bores and through bores. Decisive is therefore the distance of the measuring contacts from the face side of the plug gauge.

  • Fast and precise measuring without searching of the reversal point
  • High-value alternative for limit plug gauges
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Customized designs available
  • Highest precision
  • Easy handling
  • High measuring certainty
  • Fast measuring process
  • High flexibility   
  • No tilting
  • High service life/robustness
  • Easy setting
  • Cross sleeve with runners
•Highest precision •Easy handling •High measuring certainty •Fast measuring process •High flexibility •No tilting •High service life/robustness •Easy setting •Cross sleeve with runners
For “Standard Bores”
Suitable for most of the bores to be measured, when a measurement to the bottom of the bore is not necessary.
For “Blind Bores”
For the series control of bores which must be measured
as close as possible at the bottom face of the bore.
For “Through Bores”
Ideally suited for bores which are accessible from both sides.