Single End Snap Gauge


Snap Gauges provide a quick and easy method of checking outside diameters, grooved diameters or width dimensions. When these gauges are manufactured, GO and NO-GO tolerance dimensions of the component being checked are set into the snap gauge.

Usage: Snap gauges are oftentimes used when a large quantity of workpieces must be inspected.

The snap gauge has four anvils or jaws
  1. The first one or pair (outermost) are set using the upper limit (GO tolerance) of the part.
  2. The inner set adjusted to the lower limit (NO-GO tolerance) of the part. A correctly machined part will pass the first set of jaws and stop at the second set of jaws. And that’s it, end of test.

In this manner, a part may be checked in one action, unlike the plug gauge that needs to be used twice and flipped to access the second gauge.