Video Measuring Machine

Video Measuring Machine By Chotest

Chotest Video Measuring Machine VX8300 Item No.: VX8300Product name: Video Measuring MachineImage Senor: 20M CMOSField of view: W230mm×L130mm & W300mm×L200mmDepth of Field: 3mm & 30mmWorking Distance: 120mmAccuracy: ±1.5μm(Without stitching) & ±3μm(Without stitching)Resolution: 0.1μmLoading Capacity: 5kgSize(LxWxH): 531×503×731mmWeight: 75kg Parameters  Remark:*1 In the focus position, the environment temperature is +20 °C ± 1.0 °C*2 In the focus […]

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ULM By Chotest

ULM Chotest ULM SJ5100-UP ULM Chotest Item No.: SJ5100-UP300/600/1000Product name: Universal length measuring machineInside measuring range: 0.7~900mmOutside measuring range: 0~1040mmResolution: 0.01μmRepeatability: 0.1μmMax thread pitch: 250mm(Plug)/200mm(Ring)Measuring force range: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, (1~10)N continuously adjustable by handManufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc. Parameters ULM Chotest SJ5100-300/600/1000 A/B ULM Chotest Item No.: SJ5100-300/600/1000 A/BProduct name: Universal length measuring machineInside measuring […]

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Automated Dial Calibrator Testing Machines

Automatic Dial Indicator Testing Machine By Chotest

Dial calibrator Automatic Dial Calibrator SJ2620 Item No : SJ2620Product name: SJ2620 Automatic Dial Indicator Testing MachineMeasuring range: 0~50mmResolution: 0.01μmRepeatability: 0.1μmIndication error: Random 2mm≤0.6µm, Random 10mm≤0.8µm, 50mm≤1µmApplication: Measure all kinds of indicator.Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc. Parameters  Measuring Range  (0-50)mm Resolution  0.01µm Repeatability 0.1µm Accuracy of Automated Reading 1/30 of division value for 0.001mm dial gauge 1/60 of division […]

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