Measuring Tape CJU/C

Measuring Tape for outside circumference and diameter of cylindrical parts By Schwenk Brand Circometer CJU use with Novometer circumference tape for measuring the outside circumference and diemeter;graduation distance 1 mm Scaling according to DIN 866; with vernier 0,1 mm, laserscaled. tape width: 16 mm. C-Tape use with Novometer C- Measuring tapes for determining the outside […]

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NOVOMETER by Schwenk

Novometer Contour measuring gauge for determining the average inside diameter of round, oval constant polygonal bores, with scaled ring and verner.Tape width: 20 mmDigital Novometer: with solution 0.01 mm; recording of measuring values through inteface RS 232 or RS 485 also for SPC-System; digital display for diameter or circumference Contour gauge NOVOMETER use with measuring […]

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SUBITO Vario Plug Gauge SCA

SUBITO Plug Gauge By Schwenk

SUBITO Plug Gauge SCA SUBITO Plug Gauge SCA The combination of a SUBITO and a plug gauge OD “Self-Centering and Aliging” i.e. bore measuring without searching of the reversal point. Application ranges from 20 to 170 mm. Features

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SUBITO Vario SV/SVS Features SUBITO Vario SV/SVS The modular system covers a large measuring range for changing measuring tasks. The range of applications is from 6 to 800 mm in diameter can combined individually with different measuring heads or various accessories in comparison to version SV/SVS additionally includes a measuring head for blind bores Cost-effective […]

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SUBITO SW By Schwenk

SUBITO SW SUBITO SW The measure bores which are difficult to reach in the range 4,5 to 800 mm. With solidly integrated angle piece. Two “segments“ enable most accurate measurements High mechanical stability due to solidly integrated angle piece SUBITO® SW angled By an angle piece fixed in the tube, it is possible to measure […]

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SUBITO SU/SK SUBITO SU/SK The measure cylindrical bores with diameter 4,5 to 800 mm. as well as their deviations in form with a repeat accuracy of  0,5 µm. The design SK has a short upper part compared to the standard SU. Including manufacturer inspection certificate Large range of application

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SUBITO Bore Gauge

SUBITO Bore Gauge By Schwenk

SUBITO Bore Gauge SUBITO Bore Gauge Mechanical bore gauge SUBITO to measure “the µm“ – the original. The construction principle with the segment deviation has proven itself since 1921 over a hundred thousand times Features

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BMD Plug Gauges

OD/BMD Plug Gauges By Schwenk

OD/BMD Plug Gauges OD/BMD Plug Gauges for the series control of bores with Ø 1,6 to 800 mm. Measuring sleeve OD is manufacture individually to suit the bore with the corresponding tolerance. The deviation of the measuring travel is via a precisely manufacture wedge needle out of tungsten carbide. The three basic designs are for […]

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