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Roller Type

Roller Type

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  • Mainly used for cylindrical shafts of the same size of both ends as a basis for measurement. such as shaft or pipe etc.
  • Check the workpiece’s deflection, roundness, concentricity, curvature, axial parallelism…etc. Accuracy error of the verified measurement
  • Apply to processing site tool room laboratory machine tool shop
  • Workpiece range: Center High 90H: Ø5 ~ 100mm ; Center High 130H, 200H, 350H: Ø5 ~250mm
  • High grade steel, base surface hardness HRC30 ± 2 °, long-lasting wear.
  • Tailstock is located by special locking design. It does not cause axial deflection when moving its position. The tailstock can be locked with a special lever in any position with high precision.
  • The tailstock’s double rollers adapt high-precision pillar roller bearings. To reduce friction between the workpiece and the roller.
  • Z-axis dial holder: Vertical pole diameter: Ø12 mm. Adjusted pole diameter: Ø10 mm. Gauge holders are available with dovetail and 8 mm flat ψ shank.
  • Equipped with T groove, high flexibility. Convenient to use.


***Does not include dial gauges.
***Outside of these requirements, special orders can be made. Maximum center distance 4000 mm.

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