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Thimble Type – Linear Slide Type

Thimble Type – Linear Slide Type

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Monoslide moving accuracy:
Accuracy (A): 330 mm /0.02 mm For easy agility measurement only.
Accuracy (B): 330 mm /0.01 mm ↓ — Customer can choose
Double slide movement accuracy: Movement smoothness and accuracy: 1000 mm/0.01 mm.


** Center height 200,300 can be used with MT4C25 —-Customers can choose.
** Dial gauge not included.
**Center distances greater than 400 to 1000 can be used with a Center Height of 200 or 300, but using a Center Height of 200 requires a center distance of 80 and 300. Center height reduced by 200 due to the different center heights will also There are also different lengths of the tails.
**Slide type, maximum middle distance 1000 mm.
** Use Z1 and Z2 axes with a center height of at least 130 mm.

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