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Automatic Dial Indicator SJ2018

Automatic Dial Indicator SJ2018

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Item No.: SJ2018
Product name: SJ2018 Automatic Dial Indicator Calibration Machine
Measuring range: 0~50mm
Resolution: 0.01μm
Repeatability: 0.1μm
Indication error: Random 2mm≤0.6µm, Random 10mm≤0.8µm, 50mm≤1µm
Application: Measure all kinds of indicators.
Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.
Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.

Measuring Range  (0-50)mm
Resolution  0.01µm
Repeatability 0.1µm
Accuracy of Automated Reading 1/30 of division value for 0.001mm dial gauge
1/60 of division value for 0.01mm dial gauge
Indication Error Random 1mm ≤0.6µm
Random 2mm ≤0.6µm
Random 10mm ≤0.8µm
Random 30mm ≤0.9µm
50mm ≤1µm
Return Error  ≤0.5µm
CE Certificate  CE-EMC, CE-LVD
Interface   RS232 (Can convert to USB)
Input Voltage  AC 220V 50Hz
Operation Environment Temp.(20±2)℃, RH(50~70)%
Dimension  Dimension (640×240×530) mm
Weight 35kg

1. Measure dial gauges, dial gauges, dial micrometers, calibrated dial gauges, dial indicators, automatic comparators according to the latest regulations and relevant standards.
2. Automatically measure objects above with digital display.
3. Automatically measure objects above with the Imperial system.
4. Semi-automatic testing function For testing dial indicators with stains.
5.Auto-zeroing after clicking start.
6. Hint beyond the standard in the measurement process.
7. Automatically process and certify measured data.
8. Can display and print original test data and test report. Including error sheets or curves of measurement points and deviations compared to specified standards.
9. Test records can be queried and organized by object type, manufacturer, production number, inspector, sending institution, equipment number. Inspection date or effective date, etc.
10. Multiple selected test records can be printed simultaneously.
11. Test data can be exported in Word or Excel.
12. Backup and restore data.
13. Support user-defined report templates.
14. Support user-defined programs and tolerance.


With a precise linear encoder system Long-lasting, patented precision rail High-end servo motor Patented non-glare light source, high-resolution CCD camera, measure dial indicators accurately and automatically, applied with precise control technology of glass scale movement. and intelligent image processing technology A computer-controlled motor drives the glass scale in precise motion. All data are acquired automatically by the software without manual sampling. The indication value of the test object is automatically determined by the CCD camera, which fully simulates manual reading. That greatly reduces the use of human labor and the use of the brain. It also helps increase testing speed as it is a fully automatic tester. The operator only needs to install a dial indicator and select a few parameters in the software. Then the machine will automatically measure according to the selected norm after clicking the “Start” button after measurement. Test data and reports can be quickly created and printed. (including data list of measurement points Forward error—reverse measurement characteristics and qualification levels of indication errors, etc.)

  1. Artificial Intelligence: No need to manually read and record and calculate. and adjusted by hand or microdrum
    (1) The scale value and indication value are automatically indicated by the CCD camera, which fully simulates manual reading. without noticing Read and recorded by the operator.
    (2) Automatic zeroing function without manual zeroing before testing.
    (3) A computer-controlled motor drives the measuring shaft to achieve precise measurement points without manual or microdrum adjustment.
    (4) Powerful software automatically processes and certifies the measured data, finally generating test results. Moreover, all test records can be queried, displayed, saved, printed.
  2. Special light source:
    (1) Patented non-glare light source (Patent number: ZL200620056214.1)
    (2) If the surface of the dial is convex A non-glare light source is necessary to ensure the reliability of the test data.
  3. New patented slider:
    National utility model patent (Patent number: ZL201220239454.0)
    Eliminates forward gap – back measurement by reducing wear between the slide and guide rail.
    High repeatability: Significantly improves the service life of sliders and guide rails.
  4. Man-made design:
    With a user-friendly interface The operation of the software is therefore very simple. With Humanized design for both machine and software. Operators can be trained to use it in a short time. Specifically, the system can accurately identify the pointer of the dial indicator and obtain the object’s indication even if the indicator is not centered on the right side of the camera. Therefore, the dial indicator can be quickly installed. And makes the work process easier and saves work time.
  5. Large capacity database
    With built-in large capacity storage for databases The system can automatically record and save all test records.
  6. Powerful typing
    Supports user-defined report templates (curve values, sheets, or error values). Test data can be recorded automatically. In particular, multiple test reports can be printed at the same time.

Standard configuration

1. Host machine
2. Owner
3. Desktop computer
4. HP laser printer
5. Aluminum alloy case
6. Measuring software
7. Cable
8. User Manual
9. Product certificate and warranty card

Alternative configuration

1. J30A digital force testing instrument
2. SJ21A fixture for radial force to rotate indicators
Function: Test the influence of radial force on the rotation indicator.
3. SJ22 Extension bar for camera
Function: For testing drill hole rotation indicator with long rod.
4. SJ20C workpiece holder for expanding drill head dial indicator and steel ball dial indicator.
Function: For testing drill head dial indicators and steel ball dials.
5. SJ20G work holder for Imperial system indicators with rod diameter Ф9.525mm.
6. SJ20J work holder for torsion spring indicators and mechanical comparators with shaft diameter Ф28mm.
7. SJ20E Quick Work Holder for Lever Type Indicators
8. Customize special work holder for shaft diameter except Ф4-28mm.
9. Machine inspection equipment
10. Summer or winter lab set

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