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Vision Measuring Machine VX4230S

Vision Measuring Machine VX4230S

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Based on visual measurement principle with precision image analysis algorithms, equipped with double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field, VX series of Flash Measuring Machines achieve fast dimensional measurement by one-key operation. VX series are suitable for precise dimensional measurement in the fields of machinery, electronics, molds, injection molding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision stamping, connectors, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, home appliances, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, watches, cutting tools, etc.


VisionX software provides up to 80 extraction analysis tools, including [Feature Extraction] (such as maximum points, centerlines, arcs, peaks, etc.), [Accessory Tools] (such as any dot & line & circle, fitted straight line, Fit circle, tangent, inscribed circle, etc.), [Smart Labeling], [shape tolerance] , special [Application Tool] (such as pitch distance, pitch angle, slot, thread, round cross, down Angle, rounded corners, etc.)
The measurement results and their main statistical values (such as average, σ, 3σ, 6σ, Ca, Cp, Cpk, etc.) will be automatically recorded and archived. Operators can select different filter conditions for history extraction.

Video Measuring Machine VX8200


The trend graph displays the regular trend of the measured values, such as the monotonic and periodic change of the measured values, which can be used for monitoring the abnormality of the production process of producing equipment. Reflecting the status and distribution of fluctuations in product quality, the histogram can intuitively expose information about the quality situation in producing process, which can be used to predict product quality and failure rate.
Through quality diagnosis and analysis with statistical methods, SPC can monitor the product quality and changing trend of the producing process. With SPC we can find the preventive solution in the producing process, so that the subsequent inspection and repair are reduced. Consequently, the producing process control and product quality improvement are achieved.

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Video Measuring Machine

Item No.: VX4230S
Product name: Video Measuring Machines
Image Senor: 12M CMOS
Field of view:φ230mm
Depth of Field: 50mm
Working Distance: 400mm
Accuracy: ±5μm(Without Stitching)
Resolution: 0.1μm
Loading Capacity: 15kg
Size(LxWxH): 830×605×2030mm
Weight: 375kg

Video Measuring Machine VX4230S

*1 In the focus position, the environment temperature is +20 °C ± 1.0 °C

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