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Calibrated System

Each Solartron probe or instrument has a digital module at the end of the cable. Inside the module is a chip that converts the analog signal from the probe into digital. The probe is calibrated and linearized at the Solartron factory with guaranteed accuracy of 0.05% of range or 0.2 micron, whichever is greater, 0.15 micron redundancy, and 0.01 micron resolution. You can then control the probe anywhere. throughout the measurement period And to achieve the same accuracy from that core point, Solartron also has a non-contact laser sensor that is variously calibrated.

Inductive Probe

Connect to other sensors.
The Orbit® 3 network connects to third-party sensors via interface modules, including:

  • Analog Interface Module (AIM): Connects to any sensor with DC or 4-20mA output.
  • Encoder Input Module (EIM): Connects to rotary encoders or other devices with TTL output. With these connections, all readings can be smoothly sent to a PLC or PC.
  • Digital input module: connect to any Mitutoyo gauge.
  • Digital Input/Output Module: An eight-pin module that serves as an I/O interface to the PLC.

150 channels network.
You can then connect your Solartron sensors to almost any output device via the Orbit® network. Orbit® 3 The Orbit® 3 model uses a proven RS485 multi-drop network and operates at 1.5m Bud in Create a module You need to stack any number of digital modules using “T connector”


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