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WI Gauge™


Wi Gauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge puts unrivaled performance, flexibility and accuracy in the palm of your hand. Wi Gauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge eliminates the need for cables to download measurement data. This gives manufacturers more freedom in workstation design and execution.

This Bluetooth™ Wireless Bore Gauge™ has a transmission range of at least 15 meters and can link up to 7 WI Gauge™ wireless bore gauges to a single system.

The durable, highly accurate Wi Gauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge™ from Solartron Metrology is IP65 rated and compatible with industry standard M6 and M10 gauge head threads. The transducer is linear throughout the entire measurement range. This makes it easy to install and adapt to other applications. That goes beyond drilling holes.

The attached NiMH battery pack provides up to 10 hours of continuous data transmission and can be removed for offline charging.

  • 10mm and 6mm mounting threads (as used with most gauge heads)
  • Resolution up to 0.1µm (user selectable)
  • Up to 15 meter range via Class One Bluetooth®
  • Up to 7 Wi Gauge™ Wireless Bore Gauges connected to a single receiver ◇
  • Battery life: 10 hours (based on continuous data transmission)
  • Charge the battery quickly.
  • Protection IP 65
  • Audio signal of data transmission.
  • Lights pass through/lights go out
  • An inductive charger.
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