Product center for precision measuring Instrument

Manufacturing and design services for all types of industrial precision measuring instruments

Product center for precision measuring Instrument

We develop measuring tools to be able to work automatically coupled with the storage software system

Product center for precision measuring Instrument

Control the fineness down to the micron level. with industrial standard certificate

Product center for precision measuring Instrument

with after-sales service From installation to repair by a team of professional engineers to provide maximum customer satisfaction


1994  Established a sales office in Thailand to distribute limit gauge products and precision measuring instruments for industrial plants.

2013  Improved Digital Air Column to be able to send OFFSET value to automatic CNC machines, reducing waste of workpiece problems.

2015  With more than 20 years of experience in distributing precision measuring instruments. The company therefore established a factory in Thailand. to support the                            expansion of customers by receiving technology transfer from the parent company in Singapore

2018  Started, able to design and manufacture Air Gauges by myself in Thailand.

2019  Develop Smart measuring program to provide customers with real time information to improve production.

2020 – Present   Able to create automatic measurements controlled by computer (CNC Measuring) successfully

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With past experience gives us a team of engineers specializing in the design and manufacture of measuring instruments up to 0.001 microns

Design Services

Detailed measurement tool design including providing software to work in tandem with machines

Repair & Calibration

Calibration, repair, assembly and installation of machinery services with warranty card

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Video Measuring Machine

3 Reasons to use calipers too Video Measuring Machine

3 Reasons why you decide to use a camera to measure the size of your workpiece too Video Measuring Machine Video Measuring Machine detailed Specimen Test Tool Also known as Flash Measuring Machine, it is an image measurement using accurate image analysis algorithm with Dual Optical Tele Centric lens processed by specialized AI software. Programmable […]

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เครื่องมือวัดละเอียดอุตสาหกรรมต้องมี ปี2022

Industrial Precision Measuring Instruments Must Have By 2022

Precision measuring tool It is very important to the industrial plant. Because the process of manufacturing workpieces in the industry requires precision measuring tools. and high precision to maintain production standards Whether measuring the width, length, height, depth of the workpiece Diameter check gauges are available GO and NOGO for measuring holes. The gauge design […]

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Knowledge about “Plain Plug Gauges”

A plug gauge is a tool used to check measure through holes and measure the inner pitch of manufactured hole. The value of the workpiece is accurate and meets the specified standard or not. Material is made of hardened steel. It is a straight cylindrical bar. Able to measure work in both is GO and […]

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