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Measuring Tapes CJU by Schwenk

Measuring Tapes CJU by Schwenk

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Measuring Tapes CJU by Schwenk

Measuring Tapes CJU is a measuring instrument designed to measure the circumference or diameter of large objects that cannot be measured with conventional measuring instruments. This tool has a durable construction and high precision. Suitable for use in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, construction and quality inspection.


  • Measuring tape Circometer
  • Two-piece structure:

– Cover plate with vernier to read the dimension

– Measuring tape

  • Enables the production of very long tapes
  • Cross section: 16 x 0,2


Series CJU 35 mm or 60 mm wide

  • Reading of the diameter with a 0,1 mm resolution
  • Wider width makes the measurement faster due to an easier alignment of the tape



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