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Chamfer Gauge FLM by Schwenk

Chamfer Gauge FLM by Schwenk

Chamfer Gauge FLM by Schwenk

Chamfer Gauge FLM by Schwenk is a measuring tool used to measure the Chamfer Length on drill holes and the outside diameter. The information and uses of this tool can be summarized as follows:


  • Measuring instrument to determine the chamfer length of bores and outside diameters
  • More accurate than an “estimation” with a depth gauge
  • Easier and faster than with a contour measuring instrument
  • Immediately applicable on the production machine


Starting from the face of the chamfer to be measured the two-tier measuring contact references to the bore following the chamfer. The larger diameter of the measuring contact (+ 0,2 mm) touches inside the chamfer – for a 45° chamfer this corresponds to a preset of 0,1 mm chamfer length. The ideal indicating unit is a digital dial gauge with a resolution of 0,01 mm. The preset can then be given very easily.



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