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Air Column

Air Column

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An air micrometer is a precision comparative measuring instrument that uses the volume flow of air and air pressure to determine the size of the measured part. Operation is touchless and just as easy. with presenting the tool to the workpiece and observing the readings. Additionally, using an air micrometer will not damage the surface of the part being measured. Rows with multiple columns can measure multiple measurement points at once. which can reduce measurement time The advantage of measuring wind is that it is easy to use. This provides accurate results even when used by inexperienced operators.


ITEM / MODEL F10000 F5000 F2000 F1000
Standard magnification times 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,000
Indication range 20 40 100 200
Effectime indication range 15 30 70 150
Graduation 0.5 1 2 5
Indication error Max 0.5 Max 1.0 Max 1.5 Max 3.0
Indication variance Max 0.3 Max 0.5 Max 1.0 Max 2.0
Response time (sec) Max 2.0 Max 1.8 Max 1.5 Max 1.5
Air pressure supplied 290 – 690 290 – 690 290 – 690 290 – 690
Compact design with slim body
The scale is easy to read.
Easy to use with minimum functionality.
Fast floating speed with superior stability.
Easy to change to multiple columns
Protective cover to protect the glass tube

If you want to collect data with a digital system from Air Column for fast and safe data collection with Smart Screen.

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