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Gauges for Taper Pipe Threads by Ojiyas

Gauges for Taper Pipe Threads by Ojiyas

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Gauges for Taper Pipe Threads by Ojiyas

Taper pipe thread gauges are essential tools used to measure the taper and pitch diameter of threaded pipes and fittings. These gauges are crucial in ensuring that the threads of pipes and fittings are compatible, preventing leaks and ensuring a secure fit. Ojiyas provides a variety of taper pipe thread gauges that are manufactured to meet international standards such as ISO, JIS, and ANSI.

Key Features

  1. High Precision:
    • Ojiyas taper pipe thread gauges are manufactured with high precision to ensure accurate measurement of thread dimensions. This precision is vital in maintaining the integrity and performance of the threaded connections.
  2. Durability:
    • Made from high-quality materials, these gauges are designed to withstand repeated use in industrial environments. The robust construction ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.
  3. Easy to Use:
    • The design of Ojiyas taper pipe thread gauges is user-friendly, allowing for easy handling and measurement. The gauges are clearly marked with the relevant thread specifications, making it easy for operators to verify the measurements.
  4. Compliance with Standards:
    • Ojiyas gauges comply with international standards such as ISO, JIS, and ANSI, ensuring that they meet the required specifications for taper pipe threads. This compliance guarantees that the gauges provide accurate and consistent measurements.
  5. Versatility:
    • Available in various sizes and thread types, Ojiyas taper pipe thread gauges can be used in a wide range of applications, including plumbing, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries.

Types of Taper Pipe Thread Gauges

  1. Taper Thread Plug Gauges:
    • Used to check the internal threads of a taper pipe. These plug gauges ensure that the internal threads are correctly formed and within the specified tolerances.
  2. Taper Thread Ring Gauges:
    • Used to measure the external threads of a taper pipe. Ring gauges ensure that the external threads are accurate and fit properly with corresponding internal threads.
  3. Taper Thread Setting Gauges:
    • Used to set and verify the accuracy of other taper thread gauges. Setting gauges are essential in maintaining the precision and calibration of measuring tools.


  • Plumbing: Ensuring that pipes and fittings have accurate and compatible threads to prevent leaks and ensure a secure connection.
  • Automotive: Measuring and verifying the threads of various components in the automotive industry to ensure proper fit and function.
  • Aerospace: Ensuring that threaded connections in aerospace components meet stringent standards for safety and reliability.
  • Manufacturing: Maintaining the quality and precision of threaded components in various manufacturing processes.

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