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Bevel Gauge

Bevel Gauge

Barcor Inc. directly measures bevel and negative widths and corner radii.
Accuracy is guaranteed to be within ± .001″ throughout the entire range.

“Instantly reads chamfer and bevel widths on straight and circular edges… straight to .001″

This is because the gauge works with an independent spring. The operator’s feelings and judgment are therefore reduced or greatly reduced. For straight edge measurement, no prototype is required. For curved pieces.

Features of Bevel Gauge

250 0-0.250″ 0.001″
250-M 0-8 mm 0.01 mm
250-SPC 0-0.250″ / 0-8 mm 0.002″ / 0.005 mm
1120 0-0.500″ 0.001″
1120-M 0-13 mm 0.01 mm
1120-SPC 0-0.500″ / 0-13 mm 0.0002″ / 0.005 mm


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