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Limit Plug Gauge by Ojiyas

Limit Plug Gauge by Ojiyas

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Limit Plug Gauge from the Ojiyas Brand

Limit Plug Gauge is a measuring tool used to check the accuracy of internal holes in various workpieces or components. This inspection is in accordance with the specified standards. This type of instrument is often used for quality control and inspection in manufacturing processes.

  1. Quality and Standards:
    • Ojiyas is a renowned brand known for producing high-precision and durable measuring tools.
    • Manufactured according to international standards such as ISO, JIS, DIN, and ANSI, ensuring accurate measurements and compliance with global production standards.
  2. Materials and Manufacturing:
    • Made from special hardened steel or carbide, which is resistant to wear, extending the tool’s lifespan.
    • Undergoes stringent production and quality inspection processes to ensure precise and consistent sizes.
  3. Usage and Accuracy:
    • Used to inspect the inner diameter of workpieces to ensure they meet specified dimensions using the Go/No-Go principle.
    • High precision makes it suitable for quality inspection in various industries such as automotive, machinery, and component manufacturing.

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