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Reversible Plain Plug gauge

Reversible Plain Plug gauge

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Reversible Plain Plug Gauges The gauge is used to check the diameter. Available in GO and NOGO for measuring holes. The design of the gauge is a reversible handle that can measure on 2 sides and the gauge head can be removed and replaced. The advantage is When the gauge head is worn The gauge head can be removed and exchanged, no need to order a new one for the whole piece. It is also made from good materials. Strong and highly durable

Worth it compared to the efficiency you will receive!!


  • Metric: 0.2-19.45mm
  • Imperial: 0.008-0.765


  • stainless steel
  • tungsten carbide
  • Ceramic

Standard gauge tolerances

  • BS 969 – 1982 (please specify alternative tolerance if required)
  • Has a SAC Singlas calibration certificate.

Laser engraving
GO/NOGO sizes are listed as standard.

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