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Ring Gauge by TOGU

Ring Gauge by TOGU

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Ring Gauge by TOGU

Ring gauge is a measuring tool used to check the size and accuracy of the outside diameter of a workpiece. Ring gauges are often used in the manufacturing industry to check the accuracy of parts, such as the manufacture of shafts or bolts.


Go/No-Go Gauge: It consists of a two-sided ring gauge: a Go side that verifies that the workpiece is within acceptable dimensions, and a No-Go side that verifies that the workpiece is within acceptable dimensions.

Plain Ring: Used for checking the outside diameter of workpieces without Go/No-Go sections.

Thread Ring: Used to check the size and accuracy of external threads on workpieces such as bolts or nuts.


Checking the external dimensions: Used to check the outer diameter of the workpiece. By inserting a ring gauge into the workpiece.

Quality control: Used to inspect manufactured parts to ensure they meet required dimensions and accuracy.

Machine customization: Used to adjust machines used in the production of workpieces. In order to get the workpiece with the size and precision required.

Materials used in production
  1. Hardened Steel: High strength and durability Suitable for general use
  2. Carbide (Carbide): It is strong and highly resistant to wear. Suitable for applications that require high precision and heavy duty use.
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