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Snap Gauge Single End

Snap Gauge Single End

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Snap Gauges are a quick and easy method. To check the outside diameter Groove diameter or width When these gauges were produced The GO and NO-GO tolerance dimensions of the component being inspected are set in the snap gauge.

Usage : Snap gauges are often used when inspecting large quantities of workpieces.

Snap gauges have four anvils or jaws.
1. The first pair or first (outermost) pair is determined using the upper limit (GO tolerance) of the part.
2. The inner set adjusts to the lower limit (NO-GO tolerance) of the part. A properly machined part passes through the first set of jaws and stops at the second set of jaws. This is the end of the test.

In this manner, parts may be inspected in a single action, unlike plug gauges that require double tapping and flipping to access the second gauge.
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