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UN Thread Ring Gauge TRGUN001

UN Thread Ring Gauge TRGUN001

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A wide selection of GO/NO-GO fixed gauges are available for checking internal and external thread diameters to ensure accuracy during the machining process. This ensures a “good fit” between the threaded components, which loosens the screwed joint in your final product. UNC, UNF, or UNEF if the diameter combination Pitch comes from the series Coarse, Fine or Fine and may be followed by a degree of tolerance.

Example 6-32 UNC 2B (core diameter: 0.1380 in. spacing: 32 tpi) Unified ScrewThreads – UNC, UNF and UNEF

How to check threaded ring
• Thread ring GO gage check the maximum secondary diameter and the maximum pitch diameter in a section.
• NO-GO gage thread ring Verify that the hole does not exceed the minimum pitch diameter of the part.

• GO/NO-GO Ring

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