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Instruments for Analogue Sensors

Instruments for Analogue Sensors

Digital displays for a wide range of analog and digital sensors are available. To be able to use simple to complex tasks. All display Serial communication and digital I/O are available to allow PLC, PC and foot switches to operate the instrument.

Single Channel LVDT, V/I input.
LVDT Single channel , V/I input
Serial, analog and digital outputs
Fully programmable via RS232)

Dual-channel TFT display
Serial, analog and digital outputs
LVDT, half bridge, V/I input

Instruments for Orbit® Sensors

Computers measure it in 16 Ch.
Various Part and Math functions
USB, Parallel, RS232 and Relay interfaces

30 display channels
Parts and Mathematics Features
Serial and digital I/O

หน้าจอสี LCD หน้าจอ display
ความละเอียดในการแสดงผล 0.01 µm
การเชื่อมต่อ RS232

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