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Smart Reading Software

Smart Reading Software


Transform the world of large-scale measurement with innovative Smart Reading Software. With the powerful ability to convert hard-to-read values from large format measuring machines such as CMM, Contour, flatness, roundness, roughness, scope, VMM, and Tensile, it makes translation easy. and efficient

Main features:

Converting difficult-to-read values: Smart Reading has the ability to efficiently translate difficult-to-read values from large scale meters.
Wireless Send data wirelessly: After the translation is completed. Data can be sent wirelessly to customer Excel forms instantly.
Integrate with Smart Link and Smart Component: Integrate with Smart Link and Smart Component for improved quality control processes.
Ability to integrate with Smart Link and Smart Component:

Combined with the Smart Link and Smart Component solutions, quality control operations are efficient and fully connected.


Save time and resources: Translate difficult-to-read values quickly and efficiently.
Accuracy: Smart Reading makes large scale measurements easy and accurate.
Flexibility: Compatible with most major measuring instruments from all brands.
Create great content:

Smart Reading doesn’t just make large scale measurements easy. But it also makes complex work processes easy. Create content that is diverse and easy to understand. It can be used in conjunction with Smart Link and Smart Component to improve your overall quality control.

Create something that leads with Smart Reading.

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