Orbit ACS

Interface to PLC, PC, or Readout

At the end of the module stack, you then connect an Interface module, available with a variety of outputs including USB, RS232 and Ethernet. Each connects with up to 150 modules! With the USB, you also attain dynamic speeds of up to 4000 readings per second, per module.

Via the interface module, you can then output any module reading to a computer, PLC, or network. For PC’s, Solartron offers free software drivers, which provide sample programs and coding to communicate with the probes via SPC program, Microsoft® Excel, or other data tracking software. The drivers are Windows® 7, 64-bit and XP compatible.

Solartron also offers a variety of Digital Readouts, including 1, 2, 16, and 31 channels.

A Solartron Power Supply Interface Module is also required for a Orbit® 3 network stack, and will power up to 31 modules at once. They are available with both DC and AC inputs.

With all its capabilities, the Solartron Orbit® 3 Network is the best solution for your gauging and measurement needs!

Automation and Control System

Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement, introduces Orbit® ACS , which stands for Automation and Control Systems.

The first product is the SI100, which is a simple one channel stand-alone unit for quick measurement and PLC output. The SI200 comes with a probe, integral screen, and PLC output, but can also connect to one Orbit® 3 digital probe via T-con for a two-channel system. The SI400 will connect to, and power, three additional sensors for a four-channel reading. All modules will carry the same accuracy, repeatability, and durability as a standard Orbit® 3 probe.

Orbit® ACS Features
Orbit ACS Applications

Available to both end users and automation OEMs, the new units verify key dimensions to support quality control in electronic, semiconductor, automotive and other manufacturing applications.

Users can quickly set up the digital probe and process limits on the integral keypad and screen; no programming is required. Output to a PLC can be accomplished by several protocols including Modbus over RS232 or RS485, or RS232 output.
Three lines of discrete digital output and four lines of discrete digital inputs are available.

Orbit® ACS is ideally suited for measurement automation in high volume manufacturing.
Orbit® ACS system having both a local display and outputs for PLCs enable them to be used as automation instrumentation