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Air Plug Gauge by TOGU

Air Plug Gauge by TOGU

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Air Plug Gauge by TOGU

Air Plug Gauge is a measuring tool that uses the principle of air to check the internal diameter of a workpiece. It uses compressed air flowing through the holes or gaps of the tool to measure the dimensions of the workpiece with high accuracy.

Features and functionality

Main work: by using compressed air flowing through holes in the gauge plug. When the plug gauge is inserted into the hole of the workpiece Airflow is measured and converted to internal diameter.

High precision: has the ability to measure with high accuracy. Can measure size with a resolution of a micrometer (micrometer).

Easy to use: Measuring with an Air Plug Gauge is simple and can be done quickly. This makes it ideal for dimensional measurement in manufacturing processes that require speed and accuracy.

Maintenance:These tools are usually durable and easy to maintain. This is because there are not many moving parts inside the tool.

Benefits of using

Measuring efficiency: With its ability to measure quickly and accurately, the Air Plug Gauge improves efficiency in inspecting the quality of workpieces in the production process.

Reduce errors: Using reduces the chance of sizing errors. Because of accurate measurement and does not require direct contact with the workpiece

Flexibility of use: The Air Plug Gauge can be used to measure the internal diameter of many types of workpieces. Whether the parts have small or large holes

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