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OD/BMD Plug By Schwenk

OD/BMD Plug By Schwenk

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<strong>OD/BMD Plug Gauges control a series of boreholes with Ø 1,6 to 800 mm. Each gauge sleeve is individually manufactured to suit the borehole with the corresponding tolerance. The measurement deviation is due to the use of wedge needles precisely manufactured from tungsten carbide.

Three basic designs are available: standard holes, blind holes, and through holes.

The decisive distance is therefore the distance of the measuring contact from the front of the plug gauge.

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    and accurate measurement without searching for turning points.

  • High value alternative to plug gauges.
  • Comprehensive accessories.
  • Custom designs are available.


    1. highest accuracy
    2. Easy to use
    3. High measurement certainty
    4. Fast measurement process</li>
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    6. ighly flexible
    7. no tilt
    8. High service life/durable
    9. Easy to set up
    10. Arms crossed with runners
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img src=”” alt=”•Highest precision •Easy handling •High measuring certainty •Fast measuring process •High flexibility •No tilting •High service life/robustness •Easy setting •Cross sleeve with runners” />
<strong>For “Standard Bores”</strong><br />Suitable for most types of drilling when measuring at the bottom of the hole is not required.
For “Blind Bores”
For serial control of drill holes This must be measured as close as possible to the bottom of the hole.

For “Through Bores”
Ideal for drilling that can be accessed from both sides.

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