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How to read metric vernier caliper

How to read a metric vernier caliper

Measure the outside dimensions
measure the inner size
measure different portion sizes
measure the depth

Vernier Caliper is a precision instrument can used to accurately measure internal and external distances. The example show below is analog vernier manual where measurements are interpret from a scale. This type of vernier is more difficult for user to use a digital vernier caliper with a readable digital display. Model are available is both imperial (inches), metric (mm) sizes. Analogs is readily available as digital models are much cheaper. Digital systems require batteries and analog system do not require any power source.

How to read metric vernier caliper

STEP 1 Check Vernier before use.

Check the vernier caliper defaults to completely move the Vernier Caliper jaws. Check for damage of temple mouth. Vernier by examining the survival of light. If the light emanates The Vernier’s mouth will be damage and should not to used measure the workpiece.

How to read metric vernier caliper

STEP 2 Look at the main scale.

The scale is 1:100, That mean the grave numbers are the hundredth part of meter or the centimeter – bigger marks, that it was subdivided by ten -smaler marks, Millimeter. The vernier has twenty spaces between vertical mark it divide by twenty millimeter. The small division of main scale, Obtaining five hundredths of millimeter 0.05 mm.

The small division of the main scale – fixed scale – is the millimeter, That was divide by twenty divisions of vernier.

Resolution = 1 mm / 20 = 0.05 mm

Resolution of five hundredths of millimeter 0.05 mm.

How to read metric vernier caliper

STEP 3 How to read a metric vernier caliper

Graduation 0.05 mm.

(1) Main Scale 13 mm.

(2) Vernier Scale 0.50 mm.

Reading 13.50 mm.

Read the measurement result at the Main scale.
Note the bottom center “0” of the Vernier scale corresponds to the range of the main scale above it. In the figure, you can see the bottom center scale relative to the top scale of the top button in the range 13 mm to 14 m. m can be read at 13.00 mm. in the main scale

Read the measurement result on the Vernier scale.
Note the scale position at the bottom of the Vernier scale. is most consistent with the above scale. From the figure it can be seen that 10th vernier scale, the lower line corresponds to the main scale above.

Read the value at vernier scale can be obtained by take resolution of the tool. Multiplying the bottom scale line of vernier scale read is 10 scale x 0.05 mm resolution equals 0.50 mm.

Measurement result to main scale + measure result read from the vernier scale is 13.00 mm + 0.50 mm equals 13.50 mm.

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