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Ball Type By TOGU

Ball Type By TOGU

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Ball Type inside diameter measurement space between two surfaces And groove and thread widths are some of the widest applications for precision ball gauges. Our custom ball gauges are a great way to check drill hole diameter. Because it has minimal contact friction and does not stick or bind. Because of the 360 degree tangent, you can immediately detect that the hole in question is cylindrical. (large in the middle) bell-mouthed (small in the middle) or tapered

Precision balls Precision balls create a first-class inspection tool. But loose balls are very difficult to use. This problem was solved by attaching a stem and handle to the ball to serve as a plug gauge. Therefore, it has advantages that are different from general inspection methods. and suitable for use in limited areas Even if the inspector cannot see the actual holes or grooves. Its natural circular shape gives it texture. ‘Self-centering’ that can be inserted into the measuring hole at any angle without any alignment problems

Two ball plug gauges can be installed on a standard AGD holder to create a GO & NO-GO ball gauge.

Used for checking
size of radius
Diameter of thread or gear thread
Center line size between holes
Calibration and other inspections

D2 tool steel
Tungsten carbide.

Tolerance standards
Classes X, XX, XXX can be fixed with a smooth surface. To measure the blind hole or Adaptable to various usage patterns.

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