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Standard Thread Gauge by Ojiyas

Standard Thread Gauge by Ojiyas

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Standard Thread Gauge by Ojiyas

Standard Thread Gauge is a measuring tool used to check the size and shape of various threads or wires. It can be used to measure both the outside and inside of the wire. To ensure that the size and shape meet the specified standards or not.

The objectives of the Standard Thread Gauge are:

  1. Checking Accuracy: To verify if the thread has the correct dimensions and shape according to the standard.
  2. Quality Control: To control the quality of thread production.
  3. Machine Tuning: To assist in tuning the machines used in thread production to comply with standards.

Using the Standard Thread Gauge

  • Measuring External Threads: Use the part with the moving thread into the specified slot of the gauge. If the thread passes smoothly, it indicates correct sizing.
  • Measuring Internal Threads: Use the part of the gauge where the thread fits into the designated slot. If the thread passes smoothly, it indicates correct sizing.
  • Using Go/No-Go: Gauges often have two sides, Go and No-Go. Use the Go side to check for acceptable sizing and the No-Go side to check for unacceptable sizing.

Maintenance and Care

  • Keep the gauge clean to prevent wear and tear.
  • Store the gauge in a dry and moisture-free environment.
  • Regularly inspect the gauge to ensure it remains accurate

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