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ULM SJ5100-2000A/B

ULM SJ5100-2000A/B

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Item No.: SJ5100-2000A/B
Product name: SJ5100-2000 Universal length measuring machine
Inside measuring range: 0.7~1900mm
Outside measuring range: 0~2040mm
Resolution: 0.01μm
Repeatability: 0.15μm
Max thread pitch: 200mm(Ring gauge) / 250mm(Plug gauge)
Measuring force range: 0.1N, 0.3N, 0.5N, (1~10N) continuously adjustable by hand
Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.


  1. Gauge blocks, thread gauges, plain gauges, thread gauges / plain gauges, pin gauges, calipers, spline gauges, setting bars, snap gauges, internal/external micrometers. , feeler gauge, dial, dial bore gauge, dial test gauge, internal three-point micrometer, etc.
  1. Measure various gauges according to GB, ISO, BS, ANSI, DIN, JIS, API standards with a comprehensive and professional standards database. Meet the needs of most customers.
  2. Meets various inspection requirements and measurement standards. All test results are prepared in accordance with relevant regulations and standards.
  3. Easy to use software
  4. With centralized database management for recording measurements Operators can query and manage measurement records by object type, testing institution, production number, inspector, sending institution, equipment number. Inspection date and effective date.
  5. Multiple selected test records or test certificates can be printed from the database simultaneously.
  6. Test data can be exported to Word, Excel, AutoCAD files (optional).
  7. Backup and restore data.
  8. Supports user-defined report templates.
  9. Supports user-defined programs and tolerance.

With a precise glass scale Precise guide rail and precise temperature compensation unit Working with different probes and grips This allows for highly accurate measurements for various gauge sizes. Moreover, Because the precision guide rail straightness is very small. Excellent repeatability is achieved using bi-directional constant measurement force technology. After the software records coordinates from a precision glass scale and guides the force measuring device and temperature sensor as feedback, Dimensional parameters are calculated according to the relevant definitions and formulas from the selected norm. The entire measurement process can be completed within 3 minutes.


1. Absolute measurement: With a precision glass scale for determining the position of the measurement spindle. Thus accurate absolute measurement can be carried out over the entire range.

2.High precision and high stability:
(1) Precise glass scale, resolution: 0.01μm.
(2) Precise grinding guide rail with excellent straightness lays the foundation for measurement accuracy and stability.
(3) Measurement values are obtained authentically and accurately using a measurement slider that is highly rigid and free from deformation.
(4) With marble base The machine is protected from external vibrational interference. This ensures stable and reliable operation.
(5) The headstock is very stable during travel using a compact friction driving structure.

3. Bidirectional constant measuring force:
(1) Bi-directional constant measurement system reduces the influence of measuring force on the measured value. which improves measurement accuracy.
(2) Manually continuously adjustable measuring force
(3) Intelligent measuring force detection system automatically eliminates errors caused by the machine’s non-horizontal position and surrounding environment vibration.

4.Intelligent management and measurement software system:
(1) More than 15 years of practical experience in designing measurement software. User-friendly software designed to quickly get customers up and running with the system.
(2) The operation of the machine is simple. Therefore, operators can soon practice using it.
(3) with a variety of built-in norms Powerful software can process the measured data. and automatically generate various test reports
(4) Various dimensional parameters can be calculated for different gauges according to the selected norm.
(5) Operators can quickly and easily find the concave inflection point of the workpiece through the software’s guide function.

5. High-performance five-axis object table:
(1) High-performance cross rollers for the tracks of X, Y, Z axes: very little friction. Excellent stability and high loading capacity
(2) Fine-tuning functions for Y-axis movement and horizontal rotation are designed to allow operators to easily find the concave turning point of each axis.
(3) The software can automatically collect data from Z-axis digital dial indicator (standard) and Y-axis digital dial indicator (optional), which is used for measuring tapered thread gauges and tapered plain gauges.

6.High efficiency internal measurement unit:
With this unit, the SJ5100 can calibrate small ring gauges. (The minimum thread ring gauge is as small as M3. The ordinary ring gauge is as small as diameter ≥0.5mm.) The adjustable measuring force is 0.3N~10N; The measurement repeatability of the ordinary ring gauge is less than 0.1μm.


  1. 1. Host machine SJ5100
    2. ST-30.1 Five-axis object table
    3. ST-S1.1 single coordinate floating object table
    4. Measuring probe
    5. Three wires for measuring threads
    6. Workpiece holder SF-P60.1 for plug gauge
    7. SF-V1.1 V-shaped support block for settings bar
    8. SF-GB1.1 and SF-GB2.1 support fixtures for gauge blocks.
    9. Clamping fixture ST-CL1.1 and ST-CL2.1
    10. SDE-R200.1 Precise internal size measuring device
    11. SB-T12.1 T-shaped pomegranate probe
    12. SB-S4.1 Single pomegranate probe
    13. SH-L1.1 Large measuring mouth for ring gauges.
    14. SH-L2.1 Small measuring mouth for ring gauges.
    15. Ordinary ring gauge Φ40mm
    16. Measuring software
    17. Popular standards built into the database
    18. Desktop computer
    19. Support fixture DLB-200 for monitor
    20. Aluminum alloy travel case for accessories
    21. Temperature compensation device
    22. Product certificate and warranty card
    23. User manual
    24.Free service and repair

Alternative configuration

1. Marble work table
2. SDE-Z200.1 Precise internal size measuring device
3. (for internal measurement and tapered thread gauge measurement)
4. SF-Z1.1 Work holder for normal taper/thread ring/plug gauge.
5. Digital Micrometer Indicator with Wire (for tapered threads/ordinary gauge)
6. Measuring mouth (for gauging the bearing ring/outer ring)
7. Gauge cover (for ball bearing spline/inner ring gauge)
8. Mini measuring strips for spline gauge measurements (12 pairs):
9. Small measuring rods for measuring bearings (2 pairs)
10. T-shaped ruby ball gauge head (for M3, M4 thread ring gauge)
11. Single pomegranate probe (for ring gauge Φ0.7~4mm)
12. SR-H65.1: Rod lifting block (H=65mm ) for measuring rods.
13. RH-6.5_8.0: Small measuring stick with a flat face Φ8.
14. Portal bubble level gauge (for five-axis object adjustment)
15. Snap gauge holder
16. Measuring mouth for outside micrometers
17.Holders and accessories for micrometer measurement
18. Parallel probe for outside micrometer measurement.
19. Specimen holder and probe for rotation test indicator
20. Sampling pedal
21. Electric humidity cabinet

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